personalized care with best-in-class treatment

Excellent oral health is easier to maintain when you have a great relationship with your dentist. Dr. Weisenberger and her staff are dedicated to providing comprehensive, individualized dental care for each patient. You’re never a number at Weisenberger Dental—in every interaction, you’ll be treated as the individual you are, with your own unique history, concerns and goals.

Being a small clinical team allows Weisenberger Dental to put the focus squarely on you whenever you visit the office. Calling on years of experience, they provide the most advanced clinical care with understanding and empathy. With high-tech tools such as the CEREC, which allows Dr. W. to create crowns in just one visit, and easy online access to forms and scans, Weisenberger Dental combines the authentic warmth and personalized care of a small office with best-in-class treatment.

Your dental health is an important part of your overall wellness. At Weisenberger Dental, we’ll partner with you to achieve a healthy, confident smile.